Best Ideas for anniversary to keep couples happy in good mental health

Zoological Wildlife Foundation

The ZWF is an appointment-only zoo that experts in interactive, intimate, and hands-on guided wildlife trips that aim to educate visitors about rare and endangered animals specifies both wild and captivity.

Spanning 5 acres of green landscape that is home to a range of rare and endangered species, adding the white African lion, binturong, snow leopard, and the exceptionally rare Amur leopard, the park offers invaluable insight into the significance of education and wildlife conservation.

Versailles restaurant

This restaurant opened its doors as a modest sandwich and coffee shop in 1971 and has been serving the South Florida peoples prize-winning Cuban fare ever since.This place has awesome hora loca events that really cater to celebrations of all kinds. Keeping entertainment in your life or in your relationship is very important in the happiness and serotonin release that is experienced. Serotonin is the most significant hormone in happiness. Another hormone that is released during entertainment is the hormone dopamine which is also very valuable in the mental health of people. However, back to this beautiful restaurant being a great addition to your evening, here is some more information. This place is visited by musicians, politicians, and celebrities alike, Versailles menu serves genuine, traditional Cuban food based on tested and tried family recipes, with 5 extraordinary dishes that have made this “pretty Havana” mainstay a much-loved Miami institution.

Semilla Eatery and Bar

Placed in the Miami Beach heart, Semilla is a modern western-style gastropub that presents tasty little plates of tapas paired with handcrafted craft beer, cocktails and perfect wines.

Prepared with the fresh and organic ingredients, Semillaconcentrates in tapas with a big range of dishes on order, addingdim sum, succulent seafood and cold cuts. The eatery boasts a Teppanyaki station with traditional grills and woks where Chef Frederic Joulin makes some of Miami beach best tapas, tempura, ceviche, as well as meat, chicken and fish dishes, adding lamb belly confit, pork shoulder, fresh scallops and rillettes.

Bulla gastrobar

This place is elegantly casual eatery and community place for friends and food-lovers in Coral Gables, inspired by Spain best tapas bars.

Taking a page from the top of Barcelona drinking establishments, this place primary target is the charming bar in the heart of the restaurant, anyway, they do not miss a beat when it comes to their fare either, where an emphasis is on culinary creations from Spain and Catalan.

Star stables

Star stables Miami is an equestrian center that provides a big range of equestrian-based services, from luxury stabling and boarding, horse sales and lease, horseback riding lessons, horse training for all levels of rider.

Conveniently placed in the Horse Country, an area famous for its charming open landscapes, an active agricultural passion and community for animals, the stables provide both rider and horse peace of mind and comfort. Learn to ride at Star stables, where passionate and experienced instructors teach all levels of rider, from starters to advanced, as well as how to care and understand horses.


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