Common reasons of tooth decay

Tooth decay or cavities happen to be worlds’ most common and pervasive health problems. But modern medicine and dentistry have made major development in fighting against cavities. With the help of so many years of scientific and clinical studies, dentists have found a new method of dental caries or cavity management that is totally customizable according to individual requirement.

In earlier days dentists used to apply “drilling and filling” method to treat cavities, but it does not actually improve the conditions and ultimately lead to a further risk of gum infection making things worse. But today dentists have minimized the risk by using more proactive approach for every individual that really works.

Dental Decay –How that happens?

Tooth decay damages the structure of the tooth. It softens the tooth enamel caused by acids. Moreover, the acidogenic bacteria break down sugar in the infected mouth. If left untreated the loss of mineral from tooth enamel causes tooth cavity and it can grow larger eventually.

When we eat sugars or carbohydrates, these acid-producing bacteria break down the sugars by producing acid that eventually makes the mouth more acid. If the pH level 5.5, the minerals beneath enamel layer of the teeth start to de-mineralize causing decay. The layer just below the enamel where the roots of the teeth lie becomes more susceptible to decay. The root of the teeth is softer than enamel and is made of dentin.

Causes of Tooth Decay and Oral Cavities:

There are various stages of formation of oral cavities. It can occur when foods containing sugar and carbohydrates get trapped between teeth and they are not completely eliminated with brushing and flossing.
Sugary food intake: Some major reasons for tooth decay are consuming sweet, sticky foodstuffs and beverages. The more sugar we have in our food, the more acidic it can get leading to decay.

Poor Oral Hygiene:  If we do not brush our teeth regularly, plaque bacteria will start to damage the tooth enamel.

Dry Mouth:  Saliva plays an important role to wash plaque build-up from the teeth. People with dry mouth do not have sufficient saliva to keep the mouth wet and suffer the condition of rapid plaque build up.

Heartburn:  Due to gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) popularly known as heartburn stomach acid flows into the mouth (reflux), damaging the enamel layer of teeth and causing significant tooth decay. Thus more dentin becomes susceptible to attack caused by bacteria. In case patent suffers from gastric reflux chances are high that it will soon start decaying his teeth.

Some other medical issues:  Eating disorder like bulimia also increases the chance of a tooth cavity as teeth get exposed to acid reflux during frequent vomiting. Moreover, some cancer treatment also causes tooth decay as the patient is exposed to strong radiation.


It is always better to take preventive measures to keep one’s teeth healthy. Regular brushing teeth with fluoride toothpaste after every meal will promote strong teeth. Moreover, using dental floss can be extremely useful.


It is observed that if people with high risk of the dental cavity should rinse mouth with fluoride it will help them to keep dental cavity at bay.


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