Facts and myths about gastric surgery for weight loss

You have been told by your doctor that you have to undergo a gastric surgery for the pulpiness in your body. Now, you may have a lot of questions about gastric surgery and how it is done. You need to prepare yourself for the day. The more you become informed about the process, the more you will able to overcome it without facing any health issues.

Gastric surgery is basically a kind of surgery to lose weight. When a person weighs more than 100 pounds then this surgery is considered to be the last step to lose weight. Now, in order to appear as a safe candidate for surgery, there are certain restrictions and diet chart which has to be followed to reduce the surgery risk factors.

Now, there are different kinds of myths related to gastric surgery which you need to clear up from your mind. Make sure that all of your concerns are dealt before the surgery date. Here are some myths and true fact which will help to have a clear picture of gastric surgery.

  1. There is a myth that people becomes thin after the surgery but basically, surgery makes your stomach smaller so that it isn’t able to hold more foods than your earlier days.
  2. The stomach or a portion of it is removed during surgery. Truth fact behind the myth is that the stomach is stapled so it can’t hold much food.
  3. Surgery isn’t the only option to lose weight. If you have a strong will power then you lose your weight. It may require a lot of hard work, exercise and time but it will gradually help you to lose weight without undergoing the gastric surgery.
  4. People think that they have to be laid down in bed for months after surgery. But, you only have to take bed rest for a couple of weeks and then you are good to go for your regular day-to-day life happenings.
  5. It has been observed that many people think that they don’t have to follow a diet chart after undergoing the gastric surgery. It is not real and true, you still have to follow a restricted and low-calorie diet chart to remain fit and healthy.
  6. Exercise is necessary in a regular manner after surgery. You can’t imagine that how fast you will lose weight after your surgery which may affect your body muscle and skin. So, don’t live in a myth that you don’t need to do exercise as if you have undergone the surgery.
  7. Any people with overweight can undergo the gastric surgery. This is totally untrue just because gastric surgery is offered as the last option for those who have drained all of their weight loss options.

8.    Your stomach may explode if you start to eat too much. Don’t get afraid, this is just a myth and your stomach will never explode. But if you start eating more than the holding capability of your stomach you will start reversing the surgery effect which may lead to internal body damage.


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