How to keep a good mental health

Good mental health does not only refer to the absence of mental health problems. It refers to the overall psychological well being of a person. Our mental health influences what we think, feel and how we behave in our day to day life. Having a good mental health helps us cope up with stress, recover from the hardships and setbacks that life offers, overcome our fears and challenges, and also handle our emotions better. In fact, researchers have said that having a good mental health is far more beneficial than a good physical health. Strong positive outlook gives people strength to turn obstacles into triumphs and even helps increase the rate of speed of recovery from people suffering from serious illness.


Anyone can suffer from mental or emotional problems and almost all of us do at some point in our lives. There are certain things which can help us in shaping a good mental health.


  • Composure – It refers to having a sense of balance and the capability to distance self from our emotions and thoughts. Composure is our ability to respond to something rather than reacting to it. It can also be described as our sense of spiritual connection that may be found through nature or can come through a particular faith or belief. A person with good mental health will feel an inner strength of spirit and also different ways to support that.


  • Connection – Having a positive and strong relationship with our family and friends is good for our mental health. It is good to have a wide network of friends, acquaintances, colleagues. Giving to others increases our sense of well-being and self-worth and is considered to be another significant aspect of connection.


  • Character- It refers to the way we construct our experiences as well our responses to them. Everyone has a life story or stories which he or she may not share with others. The way we think about ourselves affects our mental health. Having a good mental health means awareness of one’s strengths, resources, and skills, having a strong sense of values and morals and learning from mistakes, and stories of appreciation and success.

  • Challenge – It refers to how we grow, learn and develop. We are fearful of change and have a hard time putting ourselves out of our comfort zones. So by facing challenges head-on and going out of our comfort zone and facing them will give us a sense of confidence and achievement.


  • Creativity – It refers to the childlike aspects of our mental health like fun. Creative activities offer therapeutic effect on one’s mind bring fun, happiness, playfulness, creativity in our lives which in turn helps in having a good mental health.


Just like our physical health, our mental health also needs attention. And these 5 C’s of mental health help us keep us create good mental health. The positive aspects of mental health help us to live life to the fullest by indulging in strong and creative activities and forming close relationships.


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