Know the difference in symptoms of indoor and outdoor allergies

Allergies are not well understood even though many people suffer from it. Allergies are actually the abnormal response of the immune system in which the defence of one’s body reacts towards a uselessly harmless substance, otherwise known as allergens. Different people have different reasons which cause the allergies. Some allergies are more prevalent outside while others are more prevalent inside. Each allergen is different to the other and that is why the reaction to each one of them is different. For example, dust, mold, and pollen each trigger totally different reaction. The response we give to these allergens depends upon a basic mechanism inside our body called histamines.


The simplest way of figuring out of one’s allergies are coming from inside the house or outside is to pay attention to the symptoms. For indoor allergens, the symptoms of the allergy will be all around the year. And if they seem to peak up in spring and summer season, than outdoor allergens may have a part in them.


But that may not be enough as air pollens can form an alliance with pollen present in the air to double the magnitude of the seasonal symptoms. The best way to know what is bothering one’s immune system is to go to an allergist and get tested. Allergists can help understand the proper reason for one’s allergy and also give solutions as to how to handle them. An allergist can also offer solutions like nasal sprays and pillows, something which one has not yet considered. They also give allergy shots which help lessen the reactions by teaching our immune system not to consider them as dangerous and harmful invaders.


Each person responds to allergens differently. For some people, pollens are highly allergic as they make them sneeze. For others dog dangers are allergic and they bring tears to their eyes. The main difference in how an allergen makes a person react doesn’t depend on how it acts inside the body but on how one’s immune system reacts to it. Drugs such as Antihistamines prevent histamines from getting attached to the receptor on cells in our mucous membrane which triggers inflammation. Corticosteroids which is a significant ingredient in nasal sprays help in preventing histamines from releasing by blocking the influx of immune cells to our mucous membranes. Even they are different mechanisms both of them block the same reaction. As different people react differently to different medications, finding the right one which handles their allergy is a matter of trial and error method. For some people, even a combination of medicines work.


Apart from that, it is beneficial if one doesn’t stress much about their allergies and the medication one is taking. Allergies can be annoying and so it is important to identify the symptoms and do something to reduce them. If the symptoms are under control, it doesn’t matter which type of medication you are taking, be it outdoor, indoor, dust-mite induced, pet-related etc. If the medication works, he or she should stick with it.


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