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trust fall

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  1. Dawn Wilson says:

    Lyndsay, I love your photo, “Trust Fall.” Is that your creation? If so, could I have permission to use it in a post by a young woman on my Upgrade with Dawn blog? (It is a Christian site). Her article is titled “Catch Me,” and she talks about doing a Trust Fall onto God.

    I would add a quote to the graphic, “There is no height I could fall from too high for You to catch me.” – Kaley Faith Rhea. I would credit the photo at the end of the post.

    Please respond ASAP. I need to publish by Jan. 17, so I would need permission before then. If using it is not an option, please let me know that too so I can try to find something else. I was looking for a free photo because my budget is extremely limited these days.

    Dawn Wilson, UpgradeWithDawn.com

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