Unique Traits of Hairless Cats — Sphynxes Win Your Hearts

Sphynx is one of several hairless cat breeds. At a glance at the Sphynx, you are amazed at its unusual appearance. It may seem unpleasant or even repulsive at first. And only by having got to know this cat better can you appreciate these vast, mysterious eyes, velvety skin, extraordinary sophistication of nature. Before you introduce this pet into your home, you must try to find out everything about the breed: what are the character and temperament, whether care is complicated.

If you want to buy thoroughbred hairless cats for sale, you should contact only a professional cattery with a proven reputation. Only here will they guarantee the sale of a healthy pet, will tell you how to choose a Sphynx. If you are interested in Sphynx kittens, then you are right on target, as Sphynx cattery is engaged in breeding the most astonishing kittens.

What do these animals look like?

Many people love sphinxes for their appearance:

  • Sphynxes have a medium-sized muscular and sturdy body composed of smooth, soft, and rounded lines. The backbone can be called graceful. It has a broad and massive chest, rounded abdomen.
  • The Head is wedge-shaped but rounded, of medium size. It is not much longer than in width. The muzzle is short, round, and well-defined. The neck is muscular, of medium length.
  • Eyes are large, lemon-shaped, and slightly slanted. The distance between the eyes is somewhat more than the width of the vision. The color of the irises is in harmony with the color of the skin and can be amber, green, blue, and discord is allowed.

Why do people choose sphinxes?

Hairless cats are incredibly convenient for those with hair allergies. Weekly bathing (sphinxes love water), clipping, and ear cleaning — that's about it. Sphinxes are very responsive to affection and love, respond to their owners with tenderness, they can not get off your hands, and sleep next to their beloved owner. These cats will make great friends for children.


Not only appearance but also the character of an adult Sphynx has unique qualities. Cats are pretty active, but at the same time, they have an even temperament. The principal features are affection for the owner, love, and peacefulness.

They treat a person as if they were their own and communicate with him on an equal footing. In «conversations», they use developed facial expressions, the ability to change the timbre of the voice, and pronounce many sounds with different intonations.

The Sphynx cat breed is decorative. Moreover, Sphynxes are non-aggressive — this quality was discarded in cats when breeding the breed. The animals are incredibly affectionate and kind; therefore, determining to buy them is the best decision.