New Blog: Bien Faire


Bien Faire is an ethical style guide and shopping resource for the conscious consumer, featuring products that are American made, fair trade, artisanal, and second hand.”

For two years, Cara Bartlett (a contributor and friend of On the Willows) dedicated herself to purchasing ethically manufactured clothing. This past fall she launched Bien Faire  so that she could share her experience as a conscious consumer. It’s not just a blog; she also gives her readers a heads up on special deals and great fashion finds that are all either American made, artisanal, fair trade, or second hand.

Read more about her story here and enjoy Bien Faire!

About Stephanie Krier

Stephanie Krier Stephanie Krier was raised in beautiful Nor Cal. She and her husband Bobby moved to Boston in 2007, but recently relocated to a little village near Aberdeen, Scotland for her husband's grad program at RGU. Stephanie graduated from UMASS with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Psychology and a Music Minor. She loves to see how individuals are shaped and influenced by society. Now that she lives in the Scottish shire, she spends her free time doing a bit of gardening, blogging about her new life in Scotland (, exploring the countryside with her dog, Luther, and visiting castles with her husband!
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