Can I Bless God via Instagram?

In the past few months I’ve been blessed by an online community that sprouted from a few bloggers who were honest about their struggle to read Scripture daily. They started something called She Reads Truth. Their website offers a guide to what they are currently reading, usually a plan from YouVersion.

This community has been a huge encouragement to me and surprisingly keeping me on track with my daily quiet times better than anything has in years (I’m not exaggerating). It offers a way to engage with other women from around the world via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

I feel a sense of accountability from women I’ve never met. Over 1000 people have recommended it on Facebook. God is clearly blessing this ministry and using it to encourage women around the world!

Most recently, we read through Proverbs and I’ve learned a ton.  As a blogger, I’ve been challenged by my use of social media, particularly Instagram. Materialism is a constant battle and I catch myself getting way too excited over pretty things.

In the past few weeks I’ve taken a step back from Instagram. I love social media, but I find it can distract me from what’s truly important. A few weeks ago, I scrolled through my photos and noticed something that caught me off guard. Very few of the photos (about every ninth one) contained people and most of those were of me. How vain is that?

Since then, I’ve been trying to take more photos of people and less of stuff. Because people are far more important than the dinner I ate or DIY project I completed or the outfit I wore. People don’t clutter life like things do.

Instagram photosI will continue to use Instagram, but with intention. If I photograph a sunset or scenery, it’s to remind myself and others of God’s beauty and creativity. If I share an image of my living room, it’s to praise my husband’s hard work. If I post a photo of my outfit, it’s to inspire others to make the most of what they have, rather than show off a new clothing purchase.

I can’t think for even a second that I can serve Him well on my own. Whatever I have is His. All this stuff that clutters my life does not even belong to me. I let myself get in the way. I take my eyes off Jesus and listen to the world rather than cling to the truth of Scripture.

So, by consciously looking at His word and having accountability through an online community I am aiming to make much of Him (and less of me). My hope is that even my Instagram feed will glorify His name, rather than bring self-gratification.

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2 Responses to Can I Bless God via Instagram?

  1. Stephanie Krier says:

    I appreciate this, Beth… so true… !!

  2. Stephanie Brubaker says:

    Your self-awareness and honesty are inspiring! I’m so deeply thankful for grace as I discover more and more ways I am still addicted to self.

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