Glimpses of Grace – Gloria Furman (Book Review)


It’s 3am and the baby is crying. You groan, roll over and wriggle yourself out of the sheets. While the baby eats, you’re squinting at your iPhone and looking through Pinterest in an attempt to keep yourself awake. When suddenly, the potty-training toddler starts yelling, “Mommy? . . . MOMMY!??” . . . You rush in to find her pajamas soiled. While attempting to burp the baby, you strip your toddler’s jammies with your free hand, clean her up, put her in fresh jammies and put her back to bed. You feel a warm sensation down your back . . . spit up. You want to be mad and maybe even cry out of frustration, but you leave it there until the baby is back down. You change your top in the dark, then snuggle back into bed as quickly as possible. After it feels like you’ve slept for ten minutes, it’s already 6:30am and it’s time for the baby to eat again. You’re exhausted and the day has only begun.

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Stephanie Krier Stephanie Krier was raised in beautiful Nor Cal. She and her husband Bobby moved to Boston in 2007, but recently relocated to a little village near Aberdeen, Scotland for her husband's grad program at RGU. Stephanie graduated from UMASS with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Psychology and a Music Minor. She loves to see how individuals are shaped and influenced by society. Now that she lives in the Scottish shire, she spends her free time doing a bit of gardening, blogging about her new life in Scotland (, exploring the countryside with her dog, Luther, and visiting castles with her husband!
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