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About Janey Houghton

Janey Houghton was born in Springfield, MO in, raised in the Midwest. About 50 years ago, she came to California to finish her graduate degree in Social Work at USC. For 14 years, she worked as an adoption social worker in LA. She also worked as an interior designer for some time. When she and her family moved to Northern California, she spent time in pastoral ministry with her husband. She is beyond excited that in August she will become a grandmother to her first grandchild. Janey loves to do anything having to do with nature: camping, hiking, photography in nature, traveling, etc. She loves reading inspirational stories, browsing art galleries, museums and visiting historical sites. Janey is likely to write about topics such as forgiveness, thankfulness and appreciation. Janey’s friends say that she is a faithful, loyal, joyful, spontaneous and a good listener. “If you board the wrong train it is no use running along the corridor in the opposite direction.” -Dietrich Bonhoeffer