On the Willows House Warming!

Dear Readers,

As you know by now, this is the new and improved “home” to On the Willows! Our email subscription system is new and improved as well, so please take a quick second to re-subscribe, or subscribe for the first time, to On the Willows (easy ‘sign-up’ on the homepage!). Your email is completely safe from spammers!

I would like to say “thank you” to David Sudarma, of Sierra.host, for sponsoring our new site! He has spent so much time reading this blog helping me set up the new system and answering all of my questions.

Also, I would like to thank fashion designer and artist (and sweet friend), Sheila Lam, for the new willow! You can see more of her amazing work at www.sheilam.ca, and on Facebook. Soon, there will be a post about her Esty Shoppes!

Last but certainly not least, thank you to all of the contributors who have challenged us, made us laugh, made us cry, and have helped us appreciate and recognize our unique roles as women. Readers, thank you for the encouraging comments and support for our little blog. Your comments encourage the writers, and your re-posts on facebook help OTW reach a greater audience of women! One last “thank you” to Lyndsay Wilkin and Beth Goad who are not only contributing authors, but they also help me edit articles, handle the twitter tasks and other admin duties!

I’m looking forward to a week of great post from new and returning contributors!


Stephanie Krier

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  1. david says:

    Thanks Steph for the mention! We’re excited to be able to help out in any way we can. On The Willows is definitely showing signs of becoming a vibrant community and really a great place for the writers to share their thoughts, experiences and journey through life with others! Keep it up! Willowby willowby…

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