Inspired by…Kind Connie

Number 9.  I can only imagine how being number nine of fourteen children has played a part in shaping the woman that I call “Mom”.  She’s quiet, but strong.  Submissive, but tenacious.  Quirky, but personable.  And she definitely doesn’t always get the credit she deserves.

My mom will never be the life of the party; she prefers let Dad work the room.  Often known as “Ken’s wife” or “Beth’s mom”, there have been seasons of life when she’s struggled with her identity.  But that is the irony of it.  She likes that place—and she’s good at it.  My mom is DEVOTED to my dad, and always has been, even when he’s a knuckle head (sorry Dad, but you know it’s true).  There couldn’t be two more different people and, by the grace of God, they’ve stuck it out.  Through some really tough times and lots of the mundane days, they have found a way to knock off the rough edges and grow into a dynamic team.  Dad pushes Mom out of her comfort zone; Mom brings a sense of stability to Dad.  But I have a feeling it’s Mom’s quiet strength that keeps them going.  The fact that my mom and dad are still together after 36 years puts wind in my sails!

And what an example!  My mom is definitely not a doormat, but there is a general air of deferral in her personality.  She’s not your “modern day woman” who puts her foot down and demands her way or competes with her husband to prove she’s something. She’s not fussed by the particulars.  If you have a strong opinion about something, she’ll let you win.  Proverbs 20:3 says, “Avoiding a fight is a mark of honor; only fools insist on quarreling.” My mom should have 10,000 badges for this.

Family means everything to my mom.  We’re not as particularly close as my mom would like us to be, but she has never let the dream die.  She is constantly finding ways to keep us together.  Mom has devoted countless weekends to her grandkids and takes time off work to “bond” with them.  We would all be drifting further apart if not for her tenacity on this point.

My husband used to call her “Kind Connie”, now he calls her “Mom.”  I think that’s how everyone feels after they have spent any amount of time with her.  She is gracious, thoughtful, caring, and a consummate servant to her family.  Most of what she does is behind the scenes, but she never misses a detail . . . literally never.  I love you, Mom, and I’m so thankful God chose you to be my mom.

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