A Tribute to Our Moms: Memories to Laugh About

“I remember one afternoon, when I was still dating my husband Ryan, I was sitting on the couch in my parents’ house while my mom made a business call. My sister stood in the kitchen. Ryan slipped silently into the house, keeping his finger over his lips. I didn’t say a word as he grabbed my sister and screamed bloody-murder, and like a chain reaction, she screamed, and my poor mother, talking with a client, had a screaming conniption and had to explain to them what just happened. We always did like scaring each other in my family…” –Jessica Huber, OTW Contributor

“I remember the time my mother wanted to get back at my older brothers for being so mean to me.  She waited for them to get settled in bed, snuck around to the patio door and scratched on the glass.  It was amazing how fast my brothers jumped off the bunk beds and ran for the safety of mom and dad.  I have never seen my mother laugh so hard as she did that night.” -Vicki Wilkin, Selma, CA

“This is an email that my mom sent to me when I was pregnant with Caleb. It pretty much sums up how funny she can be.

‘Hi, Gina,
I do not see any problem eating kalbi marinated in rice wine. You can eat anything except coffee and a lot of wine or liquor . . . or marijuana, cocaine . . . or other toxic food. I hope you eat as much as you want (for baby, too) whatever you like . . . OKEE?
Love you,

-Gina Chung

“When I was in high school, my mother volunteered to be on the public school line up for talking to teens about sex and abstinence in health class.  I was horrified when I heard her referred to as ‘the sex mom’.  She wore the title proudly and spared no details when presenting in my own classroom.  She gave her testimony of being a virgin when she got married and having a wonderful and satisfying sex life years later with my father!  There I was, a PRODUCT of this very truth?!  Little did I know how much I would look up to her later as the friend everyone feels comfortable talking to about this topic.  Way to go SEX MOM! ” –Noelle Ritter, OTW Contributor

“My 78 year old mother is visiting me in California from Montana this week. She says the funniest things . . . like, ‘It’s a myth that eating cookies before dinner spoils your appetite!’ Here’s a picture of her and me with milk moustaches at Christmas a few years ago.” -Lorrie Bridges (with mother Shirley Marks)


“My mum has always been one to encourage me to spread my wings and soar to adventure. I’ll never forget the day I told her, at 24 years old, I was thinking of traveling from my  home in England to California for a few months. With a twinkle in her eye (as if she had a glimpse of my future) she replied, ‘I think that is a wonderful plan . . . you never know, you may well end up staying, and quite possibly your husband may be waiting there for you.’ And of course, in spectacular mummy fashion, she was indeed completely and utterly correct!” –Rachel Naramore, OTW Contributor

“My mom is a very bright person, so when she does something that’s not particularly bright, it’s especially hilarious. When my sisters and I were very young, our parents took us to Disneyland. My mom had one of my sisters, who was a baby at the time, in her lap on the Dumbo ride. The ride started and, while all the other Dumbos were soaring up and down, my mom’s was staying stationary near the ground. She was very disgruntled and asked to go again at the end because hers was apparently ‘broken’. The ride operator kindly pointed out to her that the joystick in front of her on her seat was what made the ride go up and down. She hadn’t even tried it! We were dying laughing, including her. Now that story is a funny family favorite. =) ” –Lyndsay Wilkin, OTW Contributor
“My mom and I liked to watch this short-lived show called Ambush Makeover where a fashion expert finds someone frumpy on the street and takes them in for a head-to-toe makeover. Well, my creative mother decided to turn my 18th birthday into an ambush-makeover birthday edition! My friend, Laura Meyers pretended to be the fashion expert as she took me to get my hair done and to pick out a new wardrobe. Thanks Mom, that was such a great day!” -Krysta Tawlks
“When I was young, my dad owned a lawn service business in addition to his ministry responsibilities. From time to time, he would hire random people to help him . . . including a young boy who fell in love with my sister! Well, it was Valentines Day and he handed my sister a gift – a small, glass Christmas tree that had been discounted to about $4 . . . for Valentine’s DAY! My mom and I could not contain our laughter, so we went up into her bedroom, closed the door, then went into her walk-in closet, closed that door. We laughed and screamed and cried (in a fetal position on the floor) for at least 10 minutes. Just as we thought we had contained ourselves, we started laughing again. This happened at least 3 or 4 times. I’m pretty sure they could still hear us.” –Stephanie Krier, OTW Editor & Contributor
“The idea of a ‘hilarious, funny’ story involving my mother was hard; my mom is selfless, nurturing, and faithful, but ‘hilarious’ isn’t the first word that comes to mind. Except that I know something about her that most people probably don’t: When she laughs, REALLY laughs hard, she snorts — and then we all laugh harder. So I thank my mom for, among so much else, teaching me that it’s right to laugh and be silly, even at the expense of looking good.” –Faith Gong, OTW Contributor
“Moms get tired and weary at times, but can and should be some of the most giving and loving people in the world! I know this from watching my mom be the most generous person I know. I also saw, at a young age, my dad fall in love with her over and over while watching her live this way. She can also be silly and likes to just make people smile. I remember when I was about 12 years old, she would giggle and tell me about her plan for my dad’s lunch that day. She used to sell Tupperware. It was all the rage at the time. She would make my dad’s lunch in one and then make ‘dessert’ for him in another. The dessert Tupperware was a piece of lingerie sprayed with her perfume with a little love note. I loved, and still do, having a mom so free and giving, around us kids whether serious, fun, or just plain silly. It is a movie reel in my mind that keeps playing today. If you know her, you will see that it is almost impossible for her not to go over the top to make someone smile. I love you mom! Happy Mother’s Day!” -Jenelle Mears
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  1. Debbie Tawlks says:

    Ha Steph! Wondered if you’d write about that. I kind of feel bad about that. Poor kid! Anyway I just remembered how horrified Melissa was! Oh yes, that was funny!

  2. Debbie Tawlks says:

    Yep Jenelle… Your mom loves her “stud muffin!”

  3. Noelle says:

    Such a fun post!!! Loved reading these!

  4. April says:

    Oh so heartwarming and inspiring!

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