A Snap Shot of Church Community

I went downstairs to let the dog out and check on the work crew on our first floor. Six men from our church were in our home to help out. I’ve shared a few stories before about our home renovation and the progress we’ve made. But really, my husband has done most of the work himself. I help with projects from time to time and he’s had an occasional friend come for a Saturday.

The living room “situation” started with a leak in the ceiling over a year ago. The pipes in the bath tub leaked and ruined the ceiling, so we took down the whole ceiling just one month into living here. For over six months our ceiling was open to the floorboards in the bedroom above. The positive thing was that it allowed recessed light to be installed and I strung Christmas lights in the rafters. It’s been a summer 2012 goal to get the ceiling replaced and patch the walls, which were in terrible shape (thin paint and old wall paper peeling).

We’ve only been at the church since December. These are not life-long brothers, though I believe many will become that. Not one of them attended our wedding. But these men are part of this season of life. They know us as the couple who bought the fixer upper.

So, as I sit perched on my bed with the dog snoozing next to me, I am struck by this being such a clear picture of what the Church is all about. Helping hands, ready to serve. They gave up an evening with their wives and children. These men don’t get a direct benefit from giving their time, although I hope it will enable us to host a church gathering in the future. They selflessly gave their time, energy and skills (one is a licensed contractor and another an electrician) to benefit us.

The Church is about serving others, whether they’re church members or community members.

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