Our Favorite 4th of July Pins!

The contributors of On the Willows have compiled our favorite 4th of July pins from Pinterest in hopes of inspiring your party, day at the beach or whatever it is that you’re doing to celebrate Independence Day this year. Feel free to leave a comment with a link to your favorite pin! Happy 4th from  On the Willows !

Our Favorites from:

Pinned by Stephanie VanTassell: Berry Cheesecake Parfaits “My sister’s famous vanilla bean cheesecake plus my mom’s homemade jam makes for a fun family Fourth!”
Pinned by Kirsten Smith: Whole Berry Pizza. “LOVE fruit pizza on the 4th! Enjoy!
Happy 4th!”
Pinned by Adrienne Sandvos:
4th of July Wands
Pinned by Emily Butler:
Patriotic Parfait
Pinned by Stephanie Krier:
Cheese and Fruit Bites “I’m a sucker for cheese and fruit, I might just have to make these!”
Pinned by Melissa Lester: American Flag Fruit Kabobs
“I did this last year with my son and he loved it! We will do it again!”

Pinned by Lyndsay Wilkin: 4th of July Napkin Ring
Pinned by Lyndsay Wilkin:
4th of July Lantern Table Decor
Pinned by Lyndsay Wilkin: “Love this for a buffet-style picnic or BBQ! It’s silverware, napkin, and drinking cup all in one!”
4th of July Silverware Jars
Pinned by Evita Gahagan: 4th of July Learning Activities
“While my husband takes over the BBQ, I love enjoying the time with my younger kids, making messes and memories on the Fourth of July, and this site has some fun projects we’ve done.”
Pinned by Sarah Maizland:
DIY 4th of July Decor Ideas
Pinned by Sarah Maizland:
Stars & Stripes Mason Jars
Pinned by Lyndsay Wilkin:
4th of July Water Bottles
Pinned by Lyndsay Wilkin: “Wrap your glass vases in red, white and blue paper! Quick festive transformation.”
4th of July Flowers & Candles
Pinned by Lyndsay Wilkin: “Blue glass with red flowers for a touch of chic in your décor, or fill with sand and flags or sparklers!”
Blue Glassware Centerpiece

Don’t forget to share your favorite 4th of July pins by commenting on this article! (Please note that they will probably not appear right away as we usually have to approve comments that contain links!)

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