Better Options With An Open Design

When you are experiencing a medical issue that your doctor can’t seem to diagnose in the office, an MRI might be ordered. This is a simple scan that is performed at a hospital or an imaging center. If you’ve seen an MRI machine, then you might have a few reserves about being in an enclosed space for a short time. Fortunately, an open MRI machine is now an option and offers numerous benefits.

The same technique is used to take images of your body. Instead of an enclosure with a long table, you’ll be on a table with a machine that circles around you so that you’re not in an enclosed space. This open design system decreases the risk of panic attacks associated with claustrophobia, allowing you to feel comfortable during the scan instead of feeling like you’re in a tight area where you can’t move around.

Since there is not an enclosed capsule, patients of all sizes are able to have essential scans performed instead of being limited to certain tests and scans. This is a benefit so that doctors can diagnose conditions on all patients, starting the proper treatment as soon as possible after receiving the results from the scan. An open design also makes it easier for elderly patients to have scans done since they don’t have to be confined. It’s also an option for patients with an IV pole who need to have medications on hand. Unfortunately, there are some images that an open machine can’t take as clearly as those that are taken in a closed MRI. Your doctor will be able to discuss the options that are available and the best way to handle this situation so that you can receive the best diagnosis. If needed, a sedative can be given so that you’re comfortable in an enclosed machine.


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