Hospitality Away from Home: City Living on Thanksgiving

In 2009 my husband and I made the choice to set out on a life adventure, move away from our home and families in Florida, and pursue the prospect of new careers and educations. Well . . . nothing really ever ends up how you plan it. God has moved and shaken our idea of what our life should be. We now reside in Los Angeles, California; the second city that we have called “home away from home.”

When you’re a 20-something/college student/post-college student/young career builder, making trips home for Thanksgiving is often the first thing to go from the budget. With Christmas right around the corner, it’s hard to justify and afford two trips in close succession. For the last few years we’ve done various things from a quiet Thanksgiving with friends to spending it with distant relatives, but this year we’re starting something new.

The first Turkey I ever made in Boston in 2010

Many people have hosted “Friendsgiving” before and we are starting our own this year. Being hospitable is something that comes naturally to us and we love to cook. (I feel the whole world needs to know about my famous pumpkin cheesecake.) It’s less than desirable to be away from family, but it’s always a good idea to start a new tradition in the wake of disappointment.

The great cities of the United States attract so many young, talented, and often broke people pursuing the making of culture. This is particularly true in Los Angeles where almost no one is actually from here. For our first Friendsgiving we hope to bring a little bit of family to those who don’t have one. I consider the family deficit in our country to be a bigger problem than any of our financial ones. Not belonging to anyone can cause more damage to an individual than many other physical problems. One holiday won’t fix anyone’s life, but by being a family presence we hope to be one light on that one day.

So, if you’re a West Coaster without a Thanksgiving destination, consider our house your Thanksgiving home. We’ll be your friend family.

About Jessica Rae Huber

Jessica Rae Huber is a film and video game composer from Ft. Lauderdale, FL but currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband Ryan. Jessica received her Bachelor of Arts in Communications, History, and Women’s Studies from Florida Atlantic University and also earned a Bachelor of Music in Film and Video Game Scoring from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Jessica loves to watch films, travel, taste snobby beers and white wines. She is the co-founder and Deputy Editor of Culturemaker(s) and her music and personal writing can be found at You will probably see Jessica blog about: music – especially how it relates to visual mediums, and social media – how it shapes the society and relationships. Jessica is a deeply honest and thoughtful friend. “Teach me some melodious sonnet sung by flaming tongues above.” – Robert Robinson “Ah, music! A magic far beyond all we do here!” -Albus Dumbledore
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